One Room Challenge Spring 2018 | Week One

You guyssssss...I did a thing. A really BIG thing. I registered as a guest participant for the Spring 2018 edition of the One Room Challenge (gulp!). Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yup. Scared sh*tless? You bet. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Thirteen seasons in, the One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual design event taking place every April and October. The challenge is hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful. Twenty design bloggers take the challenge and transform a space within six weeks. Each week the designers document their progress on their respective blogs and social media platforms. In addition to the featured designers, guest participants are invited to link their own room transformations during the six weeks. More than 1,900 rooms have been transformed, and pretty soon I'll get to add mine to the list. 

So what's the game plan? Well, have you SEEN my current home office situation? It ain't pretty. All I've managed to accomplish in one year is prime its bubble gum pink walls. Those of you out there in the universe who are fans of bubble gum pink, don't fret. There's still bits and pieces of it peeking through, making sure its pal the pink chandelier doesn't get lonely. Yup. You read it right. A freaking pink chandelier. 


Prior to my home office, this room was THAT ROOM. You know the one. The catch all room where ALL THE THINGS you don't know what to do with get dumped. Remember 'the one with the secret closet?" Yeah. It's like that. Except it's a room and Richard IS locked inside. Just kidding. Here's what it looked like. Proceed at your own risk. Did I mention this is a judgement free zone? Also, there may or may not be a plant living out its final days. Please extend your condolences and move along. 


I mean. This is not okay. So after a few days, ahem weeks, okay months, I made a real effort. 


But the chaos still existed. 


Oh, the struggle. 


And then one evening, after finally coming to the realization I could no longer work under these conditions, I signed myself up as a guest participant for the Spring 2018 edition of the ORC. It's just the motivation I need to create a workable, functional and inspiring home office. Sidenote: I'm currently working from the comfort of my own couch, while binge-warching ER on Hulu (a totally acceptable work environment, yes?). Paging Dr. Ross... 

So in addition to following my home office transformation, I invite you to keep up with ALL the talented designers and guests participating in this Springs' ORC. Weekly progress posts will go live on Wednesday's (featured designers) and Thursday's (guest participants). You can also follow along on Instagram by perusing the hashtag #oneroomchallenge.

I'll be back next week sharing the inspiration behind this project and (most importantly) the design plan for getting rid of every speck of bubble gum pink paint. Stay tuned!