One Room Challenge Spring 2018 | Week Six

Well, that wasn't easy. The end has arrived for the Spring 2018 installment of the One Room Challenge (ORC). Being an ORC guest participant for the first time, I'm not quite sure what I expected to transpire over these last six weeks. Excitement? Stress? Indecision? The design timeline didn't scare me, but the blogging of updates each week did. If you've been following my project closely, you know that I lost blogging steam between weeks three and five. But I finished strong, and I'm ready to show off my new office! 


Let me first refresh your memory of what this space used to look like.


When I saw this black and white patterned wallpaper for the first time, I fell in love. I had to use it, someplace somehow. It's so classic and timeless. In fact, my paper hanging guy was installing it on Wednesday (yes! wednesday! eek!), and it reminded him of paper he used to hang in the late 70's/early 80s. It was definitely a splurge, but how could I not?! 


One of my earliest purchases for this room was this small, white coffee table. I desperately needed something with a white background to photograph flat lays for social media. This piece is perfect. And, it houses a few of my trays that I use during my client presentations. 


What I'm most excited for in this room is to FINALLY have a desk to work from. My own lil' corner of peace and quiet. No longer will I resort to the kitchen table or the living room couch. This mama can sneak away to this spot right here and start tackling projects like a beast. This chair is actually a piece of furniture we brought with us from our last home. I've been shuffling it around our home for a couple years but never quite found its place...until now. 


Okay you guys. Now let's talk antiques and hand-made, custom furniture. These two beauties really do steal the show. The first is a dresser that my parents found in the shed of their lake house when they bought it (true story). A few years ago, my bestie and I refinished it. I hadn't had a place for it until now. It currently houses all my paint decks, wallpaper samples, and misc. office supplies. The second are shelves initially made by a local craftsman for my dining room, but now call their home in my new office. I'm still thinking about what I want to display on them. These faux succulents are just a place holder. 


One thing that I wanted to experiment with in this space was a vintage rug. I've been looking for awhile, but never came across the 'one'. In fact, I was pretty sure I'd never find the 'one' for our home. Then today (yes! today!), on a whim, I visited a local rug shop thinking maybe just maybe I'd find one to work into my office. Well, I found one. Then another one. I'm in a big trouble you guys! How fast until the obsession kicks in?! 


And there she is. My beautiful new office. Confession, I'm about 80% there. There are drapes en route and a new flush mount impatiently waiting to be hung. And empty frames that are lonely and need art. Soon. Very soon. I should probably go up to said office and do work but Grey's Anatomy is on and I've been mentally preparing myself all week.

I'll be back soon to share all the sources. Until then, thanks for following along and for all the support. This first go around with the ORC was an absolute ball. Perhaps I'll give it another go (once my blogging becomes more consistent ha!). Be sure to check out all the reveals of the other guest participants and the featured designers. There are SO MANY FABULOUS SPACES!