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All of Our Favorite Paint Colors

We're sharing all of our favorite paint colors, all in one place, to help you find the best color for your home. Ready to refresh your walls in 2022? We've got you covered!

Before we share, here are a few common FAQ'S we get on paint.

How should I test paint samples on my walls?

We recommend picking up large paint swatches on card stock from your local BM or SW paint store. Hold the swatches up to each wall in the room so you can see the different shades. Don't forget to do this exercise several times throughout the day so you can see how the different light affects the color.

What's the difference between cool whites vs. warm whites?

Cool whites are bright and crisp, and lean towards a more modern look. You'll see undertones of blue, green and purple. Warm whites are soft and cozy, and lean towards a more traditional look. They have undertones of red, yellow, or brown. If you're looking to infuse a lot of color in a room, then I would select a cool white for your walls. If you plan to work with a neutral color scheme, I would go with a warmer white.

What sheen's do I use?

Walls - We prefer Eggshell. Our go-to, especially in homes with little ones who have sticky fingers. It's so easy to wipe clean!

Ceiling - Flat

Baseboards - Satin or semi-gloss. We have a soft spot for a subtle sheen difference between walls and trim.

Cabinets - Satin

  1. Benjamin Moore White Dove

  2. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

  3. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

  4. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

  5. Sherwin Williams Gray Screen

  6. Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

  7. Sherwin Williams Slate Tile

  8. Sherwin Williams Gray's Harbor

  9. Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue


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