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Christine McCall Home Coloring Pages

One month. It's been one month since my family and I started following Pennsylvania's stay-at-home order. One month since I've seen my clients and spent time in their homes. CMH is still designing behind the scenes, but my creative spirit is missing the in-person conversations and collaboration that takes place. Mentally, these times are tough. I've been trying to take small mental breaks throughout the day to help. Mario cart races with Ryder, jigsaw puzzles, and walks outside just to name a few.

Recently on Amazon I came across coloring books and got an idea. Coloring is and will always be a very therapeutic and calming activity for all. So I decided to turn a few of our portfolio photographs from our design projects into coloring pages.

Below I've shared a handful of our interior coloring book pages with you. Save them, print them, and color away. When your finished, we invite you to share them via Instagram and/or Facebook. Don't forget to tag @christinemccallhome so we can see your colorful masterpieces. I hope these pages bring light and joy to your day. Happy coloring!

Photography by Tyler Norman Photography


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