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Design Details to Swoon Over in 2022

Whether you call them 'design trends' or not, we think these design details are going to have huge moments in 2022. Curved architecture, single kitchen ledges, pattern play, nature-inspired colors and textures, vintage nods, more traditional space layouts…and the one we're excited about the most - homeowners breaking all the design rules to create spaces in their homes that are exactly how they want them.

Curved architecture will pop up in doorway arches, windows, and ceilings. The soft, organic, feminine shape will also pop up in custom furniture design, range hoods, cabinetry, etc. It's one design detail we've already begun sprinkling into our 2022 client projects. We can't wait!

You'll also see slim, clean-lined ledges pop up in kitchen designs and we're here for it. Placed just above counters and ranges, they'll present the perfect opportunity for beauty and function.

Large and small scale patterns aren't going anywhere anytime soon. From wallpaper to textiles, they add character and charm to every space.

Speaking of charm and character, vintage pieces will be sprinkled into every space. Furniture, artwork, rugs, textiles, etc. Incorporating vintage finds into a room adds a sense of time and history to a home.

We have to talk about how over the course of the past two years we've started living in our homes differently. For some, it became our place of employment. For others, a school classroom. For most, it became a safe haven. Open concept living spaces may have posed a challenge for work from home parents and remote learning children. We think a more traditional approach to space planning may make a comeback. Requests for closed off spaces like home offices and homework rooms might become the new must-haves in new builds and home renovations.

One thing we love about all of these design details is that they'll be showcased through warm materials and color palettes in 2022. Deep brown hues are back, combined with natural materials that are heavy in texture...these details are sure to elevate our spaces all year round!


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